As you might know if you’re running a tourism agency it’s
getting harder and harder to stay competitive and in this business in
these modern days when many prefer to go online and book their vacations
for themselves. There are great resources already for finding the hotel
on your own, for finding the cheapest flights on your own and for
creating your own vacation the way you want it. That doesn’t mean though
that there aren’t other people out there that want all these stuff
taken care of by someone else and those are the people you want to
reach. In this guide I am going to show you exactly how to do that!

promoting a travel agency

First of all, in order to successfully promote your tourism agency
and offers through social media you will need a website. You might think
it’s outdated and you don’t need it as it’s easier to post your offers
on Facebook directly for example and people will come. It is true,
though this is not a long term strategy. The idea with a site it to have
one place that you promote everywhere and where you can quickly update
offers or change them when you need to. Drive all the traffic to that
site and even if the offers are no longer valid after a period of time
and someone comes to check them out they will still reach your site and
check your other offers instead of just loosing that lead.

you need your own travel site

Your site should be easy to use, catchy and updated often. Also try
to make the offers as interesting as you can to catch the attention of
everyone that you manage to bring to your site. I am not going to talk
more about that, if you already have a site that’s great, if not
definitely build one. If you don’t have the technical skills to do so or
the money to build a professional looking site I’d suggest you go with
wordpress. Either go for a free blog at or
or get a domain and hosting and install your own version, that will
allow you to install a travel theme that would make it look quite good.
Here’s an example wordpress travel theme .

free travel wordpress theme sample

This one is free, there are others, some better looking than others
that can go anywhere between $35-$100 and will make your site looks
really professional. If you’re going this way spend a little time
researching premium wordpress themes online and you will surely find
something to your liking.

Now that we’ve established the need of having an actual agency travel
site where you publish your offers let’s concentrate on how to actually
bring in traffic. This is the main problem of everyone struggling to
have their own online source of income. Most go the SEO and link
building way, establishing their site, building links to it and waiting
to get traffic from Google and the other search engines. This is a good
route but it requires time, especially if the site it new you will have
to wait for at least a couple of months before you start seeing an
increase in your traffic after months of link building.

Besides taking time the link building method has another great
disadvantage ( a really serious one in my opinion) you’re putting your
source of traffic and income in the hands of Google and the search
engines. As time has shown us again and again they change the way their
algorithm works frequently and many times the regular sites that haven’t
done anything too extreme have to suffer the most. So are you happy
with relying on someone else, someone that you can’t even talk to and
explain your side of the story?

don't rely on someone you can't talk toHope
you’ve been patient so far as we’ve finally arrived to the part you
were most anxious to read. How to start driving immediate traffic to
your travel agency website through the aid of social media. These
methods work great because they are immediate, you post about your
offers on social media and you see the interaction right away, you see
if people respond well to what you’re offering or not. If not you can
get an idea about what and how to change and can do those changes right
away and improve your strategy.

There are many social networks around, some better for some niches
some better for others, for more information on this you might want to
read our post about which social media channels to concentrate on.
If you don’t have a lot of time you should hand pick 1-2 and stick with
them, if you have a little more time on your hands though I suggest you
go with all the top social media platforms as they can all have a
different impact and drive different kinds of traffic to your website.

So let’s take them one by one and I will explain everything you need
to do on each of them in order to start driving traffic right away.

Promoting your travel agency through Facebook

The beautiful thing about Facebook
is that if you do it the right way your posts can become viral, and
when your offers are shared by other people their friends start to see
them in their news feeds too and you’ll have a reach like you wouldn’t
have thought possible. Also Facebook as you might know is the social
platform with the highest number of users so there definitely are a lot
of leads for you here.

promoting your travel agency on facebook

So what can you do on Facebook ?

There are several things to do, but lets start from the beginning.

1. Create your Facebook page. This is the first and
most important step. You will need your own presence on Facebook and a
page is the best way to do it. It’s easy to create a page, if you don’t
know how, use Google and you will
find plenty of tutorials. Make sure to fill in all the details like
description, keywords, link to your site, make it look good with a nice
logo and so on.

You will use this page every time you post something on your website,
post it on your Facebook page too with a link to the actual offer on
your website. This way it will act as a gateway funneling people to your
website. After you create your page make sure you post 15-20 offers on
it before doing anything else so anyone that sees it won’t think it’s
empty and not like it for that reason alone.

Here’s an example of a nice looking Travel related page on Facebook:

example facebook travel page

As a first step you can also ask some of your friends to like it so
it doesn’t look like a newly created page and it has a couple of likes.

2. Now you will need to promote your page. There are
2 ways to do this, the way Facebook wants you to – spend on Facebook
ads to get likes to your page and the way I’m going to teach you that
won’t cost anything.

If you have the money and want to, you can try Facebook ads a little,
though I really don’t recommend you do it especially if you never did
it before as it will be expensive and not really worth it. Though if you
try, the likes that come in this way are of high quality. One
suggestion is cap your daily spend, make it like $5-$10 / day and see if
it’s really worth it for you.

Here’s the better way to promote your Facebook page for free. You’re
going to join groups and share and post in those groups about your page.
Groups are a huge part of Facebook and a lot of people use them for
different reasons so why not use them to your advantage? Some groups can
be huge and have hundreds of thousands of members, some might be
smaller and have only a couple hundred members.

Don’t be quick to dismiss the smaller groups though, sometimes they
can be worth a lot more than the big ones. This is because big groups
also tend to have a lot more posts added to them by their members so
your post will fall below the fold really quick and only a small portion
of the members will have the time to see it. On the other hand the
smaller groups have fewer posts so your post has the chance of being on
top for a longer period of time.

So getting back to it, what you need to do is find a lot of groups
about travel and join them. After you have been approved as a member
start sharing the posts you made on your page in those groups. Here’s an
article we wrote about this tactic and the results we got from doing it. 50 times more reach than before, that’s an amazing reach that will bring in a lot of new leads and likes to your page.

finding Facebook travel groups with Mass Planner

As for the searching and joining of the groups you can do that
manually, that will take a while, or use the software we created, Mass Planner
. It can automatically find  thousands of groups for you for your given
keywords and after that join them over time so you don’t get blocked by
Facebook joining hundreds of groups in one day. It will also help with
sharing the post you made on all those groups, all you need to do is set
it up and let it do the work for you.

To start you off here are a few of the biggest groups related to travel on Facebook:

Group Number of users
Toronto Flight Deals & Travel Specials 16172
Cambodia Travel 14955
LETG (Lesbian Events & Travel Group) 14615
Travellers 14610
Gay Travel 12158
Travel and Tourism 11519
NamLifts – Travel with Friends 11104
Travelling Winemakers – Living the dream!! 10414
Travel Worldwide 10344
Go Travel 10087

There are just a couple of the groups you can find using the Mass
Planner group finder tool. Here’s a list with 269 such groups that I
found in just a couple of minutes. Of course not all will be usable by
everybody, depending on what kind of tourism agency you have you might
target a country or area and not operate worldwide. That is why you will
need to find the groups that are an exact match to your needs. These
are just to get you started. Here is the 269 facebook travel groups file.

If you have offers only for a certain country/ area you can further
refine your search for Facebook groups and only find groups that are
about that. It’s also a good idea to create your own group, it will be
practically automatically taken care of when you post in it so you don’t
need to invest too much time into it.

For the above list I used only 5 keywords in the Group Finder tool,
namely ” travel offer,travel,travel destinations,exotic
destinations,travel agency” . You can add a lot more to this list and
find a lot more groups. I also chose to find groups with a minimum of
500 users, you can go lower than that and find even more. When and if
you run out of groups about travel, you can also try finding groups
about “promote my business, promote my site” and so on. There are a lot
of them and some do actually work and send you likes and traffic. Sky’s
the limit when you’re doing this automatically and not wasting hours
each day doing it manually.

do your social promotions automatically

Take action now, start implementing this and you will soon see a
steady flow of traffic towards your site. This is just one of the things
you can do on Facebook start with it and keep it going and after that
you can also do the following:

– Directly contact other members.Extract members
from targeted groups you find and send them direct messages within
Facebook. If you join the group before sending the message it will
create a link between you and those members and Facebook will actually
deliver the message in their inbox. Make sure it doesn’t look like spam
though, relate to them first before you start selling. Both the
extraction and the message sending is done automatically by Mass Planner
after you set it up.

– Post on other Facebook travel pages. Believe it or
not you are not the only one having a page about travel on Facebook,
there a lot of other people, you can find those pages and go and
interact with them. Post in those pages inviting people to your own page
. Both the finding of the pages and posting on them is done
automatically by Mass Planner after you set it up.

As you can see there are a lot of things you can do on Facebook and
it will work and drive traffic and new leads to your website, all you
need to do is start implementing it right away. So stop procrastinating
and do it! It will take a little while in the beginning as you get used
to everything but in under a day you can have all these set up and
running almost on auto pilot and you will see the benefits on your own.

Promoting your travel agency through Pinterest

Ok, so the title said promoting your travel agency through social
media, so we’re not going to limit ourselves to using only Facebook. Pinterest
is definitely a great platform on which to advertise your travel agency
because you have access to a lot of amazing photos of all those exotic
destinations and guess what – Pinterest users love amazing photos.
Things here are even simpler than on Facebook, but let’s start from the
beginning and take it step by step.

Using pinterest to promote your travel agency

1. Create a Pinterest account. In case you’re new to
Pinterest, boards are basically collections of photos, they are called
boards because all photos are on display. you can create personal boards
but that wouldn’t really help with the promotion. Make sure you fill in
all the relevant details for your account and also make sure you link
and verify your url in your Pinterest account ( this will consist of
uploading a file to your site or adding a little line of code in your
header file – it’s all explained nicely by Pinterest)

2.Create a couple of Pinterest boards. You can
either group them by destinations or just create one board for your site
and the rest about other related things so your account look as natural
as possible. This you will have to decide on your own depending on your
exact needs and what you’re promoting through your travel agency.

3. Start by adding at least 15-20 photos to those
boards that link back to your site (the link back  is called the source
url). This will make it so if anyone on Pinterest clicks on one of your
photos they will be sent to your site. You will need to keep adding 5-10
photos each day to all the boards, all using your site’s url. This way
you’ll get traffic and back links that will also help with your SEO.
Don’t worry, again Mass Planner comes to the save, all you need to do is
set everything up, load all the pictures you want, add your site and it
will automatically post each day at the times you tell it to, all those
pictures that will link back to your site. You can also add rss feeds
as sources for the images and it will automatically extract them from

here's a nice example of a travel board on pinterest

4. It’s time to start growing your account. The way
things work on Pinterest is that each board can have its followers and
also your account has its followers. So people can either follow you and
all the images you post will show up in their image feed or follow one
of your boards and see only images you post to that particular  board.
So what you need to do now is interact with as many people as possible
in order to gain as many followers as possible. All these followers will
see your pictures and if they re-pin them their followers will see them
and the viral effect will start to take place.

So how do you gain as many followers as possible? There are several ways:

– Start following other people. You can search for
them using targeted keywords like travel, travel destinations and so on.
When you find those people (or you can find specific boards on this
topic) follow them. This way they will receive a notification that you
followed them or one of their board so most will come and see who you
are. If you’ve set everything up nicely as I told you and also created
those boards and added great images to them they might like what they
see and some will follow back. Some won’t but it’s a numbers game. After
a certain period of time ( 5-7) days you can unfollow the ones that did
not follow you back so you don’t have an account with a follow to
followers ratio that is out of balance.

You can do the auto follow/ un-follow by hand and it will take a
while or once again, you can set Mass Planner do it for your and it will
be a set and forget kind of thing.

– Start re-pinning other people’s pins. Don’t think
that you’re doing free promotions for someone else, think of it as
giving and receiving. As above, when you re-pin another pin the author
will receive a notification about that and might come to see who you are
and follow you. Again, this is a thing you can automatically set by
using Mass Planner.

using all the tool in Mass Planner for Pinterest

– Start liking other people’s pins. This will have
the same effect as the above actions, the author of the pin will be
notified and might become a follower. Here you can use two strategies,
either like the pins that have the highest number of re-pins so your are
sure that is a great picture to like or you like the ones with the
least amount of re-pins and make sure the users sees your notification
and it’s not lost between hundreds of other notifications. Also you can
either do it manually or automatically.

– One final thing you can do is commenting on other people’s pins.
This will create interaction between you and that user, they will get a
notification, they might want to answer and the chances of them
becoming a follower are quite high if you do this right. Ideally you
would do this manually as you can’t really target pins with relevant
comments automatically, though if you want to, Mass Planner can do that
for you as well.

This is basically it. You will need to keep posting interesting
images on your boards, re-pins some good images from other people too,
so everything looks good. Keep following, liking and commenting on other
pins and you will soon have a Pinterest account that will buzz with
interaction and will drive a lot of high quality traffic back to your

There is one more advanced technique you can use here though I don’t
advise you to jump into it straight away but first establish your
presence on Pinterest. Any board can be a board where only the user
posts or a collaborative board. Meaning you can get invite to post on
other people’s boards and you can invite other people to post on yours.
Why would you do that? Well here’s the interesting part.

invitign other people to post on your pinterest boards

Let’s say you have a board and invite 5 more people to post on it,
they will become co-authors on that board, so every times any of you
make a post on it that image will show up in the image feed of all the
followers of all the authors of the board. This means you will increase
the reach of that image by a lot as the other 5 people might each have
hundreds or thousands of followers that will all see that pin when
posted. This will enable you to use the power of the community and
really benefit from it.

This concludes the Pinterest part of this guide, make sure you use
Pinterest to your advantage as it’s quite easy to use once you get used
to it and it can be an amazing source of traffic.

Promoting your travel agency through Instagram

I’ve picked this 3rd to talk about before Twitter and Google+ because
it works a little like Pinterest, the one we talked about before. You
might think Instagram is for kids
and wouldn’t like to bother with it, but you’ve got it quite wrong.
Instagram is a really powerful social media site that can drive amazing
traffic to your website. Here’s an article on what you can do on Instagram.
A lot of powerful brands are using it successfully and they are
reporting that it works better for them than Facebook and Twitter

promoting your travel agency on instagram

So, why would you try to market your travel agency through Instagram?
Simple – it’s because like Pinterest it’s a visual environment. People
like amazing images, share and follow them really quick if they like
what they see. The only downside of this platform is that because the
way it was designed you can only post images on it from you smartphone.
You cannot post images online from your computer or by any other means.
This is also why Mass Planner cannot post automatically to Instagram you
will have to do this part manually from a phone. However, after the
posting is done there are a few things it can automatically do for you
so your account grows really nice and quick.

So let’s see how to start to promote your travel offers on Instagram

1. Create an Instagram account, do that from your
phone so you get accustomed with the way it works, set everything up,
details about you/you company, enter an url and nice profile images.
Make your account look good so people that see it will follow you
without thinking too much about it.

2. Post 15-20 nice images about your offers so your
account doesn’t look brand new and people actually take a look at it.
After the initial posting you should add 5-10 new images each day to
keep the ball rolling.

3. As before it’s time to start growing your account.
You will need as many followers as you can get in order for them to
like your images and share them with their friends so more people see
your offers. This part will go pretty much the same as on Pinterest, you
will need to :

– Start following other people. Use the search
function and find people with interests related to travel, be creative
and target them as best as you can. I could put here some general travel
related terms but the truth is that every travel agency is different
and you should know better your target audience. The people you follow
will receive a notification and will follow you back if they like your
account, or sometimes without even looking.

automatically promoting your travel agency on instagram with mass planner

Of course there are always people that won’t follow back, some might
be dead accounts or not that active, some might not be interested. For
this reason you should un-follow the people that don’t follow you back
after a few days (3 – 5 days). If you have your target keywords ready
you can do both these tasks automatically with Mass Planner, just enter
your keywords, select how many follows you want to do each day and
you’re done, the software will do the follows for you. Also set after
how many days you want to un-follow people that did not follow back and
that’s it, everything is on auto- pilot.

– Start liking other people’s images. People like to
see they are appreciated and liked and they also receive a notification
when you do this. For those two reasons many will be grateful and
follow you in return. If they don’t the first time keep liking stuff
from the same people and they will start noticing you after a while and
will want to reciprocate at least.

– Start commenting on other peoples’ images. This is
a task ideally done by hand as done automatically it might not target
the correct images with good comments. You should try doing it manually
and see what effect it has and if it works for you. It can also help to
create connections that could help you to further grow your account.
This action can be automated by the use of Mass Planner if you so like,
just make sure to use it properly and don’t overuse it and it will work

Check out the nice stats each of this account’s images have :

travel account example on instagram

One final thing you can do on Instagram to boost your followers
growth is to talk with other people on Instagram with big accounts and
ask them to post one-two images from you to their followers. This works
great, however most of those people will ask for money in case you don’t
have a big enough account yourself so you can make a trade.

Post amazing images for your travel offers, keep growing your account
and you will see quite a nice and steady increase in traffic, it works
and it works great, you just need to put the initial effort of setting
everything up in the beginning.

Promoting your travel agency through Twitter

I am quite sure you know about Twitter,
everybody is using it and everybody has an account there. If used
correctly, just like the other social networks it can have a good impact
on your marketing and drive a good amount of traffic and leads to your
site. The most important thing is to have good quality followers that
will actually see what you share. You must have seen everywhere people
offering thousands of twitter followers for a few bucks, those are
pretty much useless. Except for the fact that it makes your account look
a little better because you have a lot of followers they are good for
nothing. Most of those accounts are bots so no one will ever see what
you post.

promoting your travel agency on twitter

Let’s start with our strategy or promoting a travel agency on Twitter:

1. Create an account, the good thing here unlike the
other social platforms is that you can create an account in the name of
your site, you don’t need to create it as you. So do so, create a
twitter account for your website. Make sure to enter all the necessary
information, a killer description, add your site, upload nice images for
your profile and twitter page. Make your account likeable so people
will hit the follow button easily.

2. Post 15-20 tweets, add images and info about your
offers and post them. They will look great on your profile and images
really do well conversion wise in twitter. After that you should keep
posting 5-10 tweets each day. Try not to post only offers, you can post
other things related to your travel niche, a joke once in a while, news,
information about places and so on. Keep posting constantly and your
account will begin to have a lot of information quickly.

You can schedule everything through Mass Planner so you don’t need to
manually go several times a day and post. You can either schedule posts
in advance or if you have a rss feed of all your offers you can enter
it in Mass Planner and it will extract those offers and create posts
with links back to your site. Tell it how often to post each day and
you’re set. You can get other feeds from news related travel sites and
have your account be like an aggregator for everything related to your

using mass planner to automate your twitter promotions

3. Growing your account. Followers is the name of
the game on Twitter as well, you need to get as many followers as
possible so you need to start interacting with other people so they
notice you and they follow you. Here’s how to do that:

– Follow other people. Search for people that would
like to follow you and what you provide and follow them. As with every
other social network, they will receive a notification and most will
check you out, if they like what they see some will follow back.

This is true for all the social networks though, some accounts are
used rarely, some are dead and some people are just not interested in
what you offer, so not all will follow you back. After a certain period
of time (5-10 days) it’s a good idea to un-follow the ones that did not
follow you back so you keep your followers/follows ratio in a good
balance. Mass planner will help with the following and un- following of
other people, again all you need is the keywords for which to search all
these people.

– Follow people back. Just like you follow other
people and want to be followed back in return other people will follow
you with the same idea in mind. Although these might not be the people
you want to target, in the beginning it’s a good idea to follow
everybody back so your have a nice looking profile with a decent amount
of followers. If you don’t follow them back fast they might un-follow
you, so keep that in mind.

Check out how good it can get on Twitter:

nice looking travel account on tiwtter

-Re-tweet other people’s tweets. Find tweets that
are in the same area of interest as your page and re-tweet them. They
don’t necessarily have to target the exact same thing as  you do but
they can be closely related. There are a lot of interesting things on
twitter that you can find and re-tweet. The user that made that tweet
will get a notification and might follow back. If he doesn’t do that the
first time just keep at it. You can also target certain people with
this. Find people that are high up with great accounts and re-tweet and
interact with them often. They will eventually notice you and will help
if you ask nicely or at least re-tweet some of your tweets for all their
followers to see.

This is basically it, schedule post, get other posts from other
people on twitter, get some post from different other rss feeds that are
highly relevant and you have a recipe for a great twitter account.
People on this social website are really active and you will see your
account growing really fast and starting to work for you. Keep at it and
it will soon pay off.

Promoting your travel agency through Google+

Yes, you’ve heard me right, you should definitely use Google+
to promote your travel agency. Most people disregard it but it can be
an extremely good social platform to take advantage of. If you want to
know more about Google + check out this article we’ve made about the top 10 brands that are using Google+ and crushing it.
Using Google+ is kind of like using Facebook but with fewer
restrictions, easier and without the probability of being penalized for
everything you do.

promoting your travel agency on google plus

On G+ groups are called communities, most of them are instant
approval so you don’t need to wait for someone to approve you before you
start posting. You can also create your own page on G+ and link it to
your site so make sure to create that as well, it won’t take too much
and you can just pull in a rss feed from your site and keep that page
updated on auto pilot.

Ok, so what’s there to do on G+ in order to better market your travel agency’s offers?

1. In case you don’t have one – create a G+ account,
it’s quite easy and it takes just a little time. As with all the rest
make sure you fill everything up, details, your url, some nice profile
and header images and so on. A nice and appealing account is also
performing good when it comes to followers and conversions. As we’re on
this step also create a page and a community on Google+ . Fill in
everything and make them look nice as well, you will be setting your
posts to automatically appear on both of them as well so more places for
people to find what you have to offer.

2. Now there are 2 ways you can go, either do it
like on Facebook and build up your page and try to get all the people
there first and from there to your website, or just market your website
directly. Either way is good though I prefer the second one for G+
because as I said they are a lot more accepting of anything you might
do. So we’re not going to concentrate on building the G+ account here,
this will come naturally over time as you engage with other people. We
will concentrate on simply marketing your travel offers to G+

finding Google+ travel groups with Mass Planner

First things first, search for g+ communities that are closely
related to what you’re going to market. There are some big communities
on G+ as well, though generally you will find fewer than on Facebook. On
the other hand many of them might be a lot more active than you might
think. After you found your target groups go ahead and join them. As I
said G+ is a lot more permissive of what you can do so most of the
communities here are set to accept new memberships right away. You can
also join 100 G+ communities in the first day even with a new account
with no problems ( unlike on Facebook where you most probably would have
been penalized after joining the 15th group in the first day with a new

After you find and join these communities you can start posting you
offers in them. Make sure to go ahead and browse them first at least
once as G+ communities have one major difference from Facebook groups,
they can have categories for the posts you place in them ( not all of
them are set up this way but some will be). So you will need to take a
note about the common categories the niche you’re in uses and make sure
your posts go in the right category or your post might get deleted and
your efforts will have been for nothing.

Check this example of a nice Google+ travel page, notice the interaction and number of total followers:

Nice looking travel page on Google plus

You can do the searching and joining of all these groups manually or
you can use Mass Planner, as before to do it all automatically for you.
Enter the keywords you’re interested in and it will bring up a list of
all the available communities. Select which ones you want to join from
the list and send them to the group joiner so it will join them
automatically for you. When everything is done you can use them from
within you account to start posting on all of them. It also takes care
of all the scheduling and posting in all these communities as well as
your page and profile. You can just set up your site’s rss feed to be
posted automatically and when you add new offers to your site they will
automatically be added to your Google+ properties as well.

Here are some of the biggest communities on Google+ concerning travel at the moment of writing this:

Group NumberOfUsers
Traveling 171822
Travel Around the World 132689
Travel 35796
Travel Talk 32149
Places To See Before You Die 30058
Travel 24152
Tourism News 23133
Travel Bloggers and Photographers 20536
Wonderful Pictures 16485
Amazing Places to Visit 14540
Best Places to Travel 14052
India Travel 12702
Travel Suggestions 12108
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As you might have noticed if you looked closely at the number of
members in the top G+ communities compared with the number of members in
the top Facebook groups here you can find much bigger communities even
though there are fewer overall. Be advised these are the top communities
on travel, this doesn’t mean they are the best fit for your needs. You
will have to decide that on your own depending on what you’re promoting
at your travel agency.

In order to get you started we’ve created a .csv file with 247
Google+ communities related to travel. They are all over 500 members and
were found using the following keywords “travel offer,travel,travel
destinations,exotic destinations,travel agency”. You will still need to
go through all of these and select and join only the ones that are a
best match for your travel offers. Also, you can always find more
communities by searching for them manually on G+ or by using the group
finder tool in Mass Planner. Here is the file with the 247 GooglePlus travel groups over 500 members.

congratulation for reading the promoting your travel agency through social media guide

In case you’ve reached this far, congratulation – you now know most
of the things you need in order to successfully promote your travel
agency through social media. Start today and implement all that I have
told you, take it one social website at a time and within a week you
will have the foundation for a social media traffic funnel that will
grow into something amazing. No more relying on search engine traffic
and the whims of google or any other search engine, you are the master
of your fate now. Take action and make all this come together!

Final words of advice

Everything might be new to you in the beginning and as with
everything there’s a learning curve until you get the hang of it, so
here are some things you should take into consideration if you’re just
staring on this road:

Don’t over-do it, take it easy at first, each
social platform has its rules and limits, don’t just start joining 200
Facebook groups in the first day if you’ve never joined groups before or
if the account is new as you’ll only get that account banned. Take it
easy, and grow everything over time.

Keep watch over all your accounts in the first
couple of weeks so you make sure everything is in order, especially if
you’re also using Mass Planner and not doing everything manually. You
need to make sure everything is set up correctly and won’t get your
accounts in trouble.

Ideally create backup accounts for all the
platforms, 2 accounts are always better than 1, Mass Planner can be used
with more accounts for the same platform at the same time so why not
take advantage of that. If you have two accounts you can post less with
each and be more safe from bans or other trouble that might come down
the road.

provide high quality content for your social sites

Post high quality stuff everywhere. Even though
you’ll automate everything don’t just spam all these social accounts as
many before you have done as you won’t succeed, many people are sick and
tired of spammers and will report your posts and you’ll get those
accounts banned really fast. Post high quality stuff, provide amazing
content and images, something that people will like and share and want
to read about and the world of traffic will open for you. Take the time
to do it right if you’re going this route!

What I’ve told you in this guide on how to promote
on each social account is the basics of what you need to know. The more
you use each of the social platforms the more you’ll learn about them,
understand their limits and news ways of using them to your advantage.
What I mean by this is there is a lot more to learn about each platform
but just start with the above and you’ll do just fine. You’ll do the
learning over time.

Good luck with it all, you have all the knowledge you will ever need
to succeed in bringing loads of traffic to your travel agency. It’s up
to you to use all the information I have provided and use it right. If
you have any questions about any part of this guide don’t hesitate to
leave a reply. Also do leave a reply if you’ve implemented all the above
and let us all know how it’s going for your.

To your online success,

The YoungMellow Travel Team.