How to fill Form I-134

I-134 is known as “Affidavit of Support” form. This form must be
submitted along with the application of visitor Visa if the trip is

General instructions:

  • The form should be printed back to back on one single page.
  • Only one form required for one family (example: inviting parents). No need of separate form if inviting parents or in-laws.
  • Note : No need to notarized

Following are the general guidelines to fill this form. Depends on
individual’s status and circumstances, the information to be filled may
vary. This is provided to you as a convenience and basic guidelines.
Please must provide the information most appropriate in your case.

Start of the form Your Name and current US residence address.
Question 1 Your Date of birth in Month/day/year format

  • If you are a non immigrant visa holder(H, L, or any other Visa)
    options a, b, c, d are not applicable hence no need to fill any thing
  • If you are US Green Card holder : Fill the A number in option (d)
  • If you are US Citizen based on (a), (b), (c) fill any of these appropriately.
Question 2 Your age in completed years
example : 32 , and date since when you are
residing in USA ( the date format would be
Question 3 Information about the applicant person/family you are sponsoring.

Provide full name as per the passport in the applicant if visitor.

  • Family name : Last Name or Surname
  • Gender: Gender of visitor. You can write ‘M’ or ‘F’.
  • Age: Age of visitor in completed number of years.
  • Citizen: The country whose citizen the visitor is. e.g., India
  • Marital Status: Write appropriately
    such as ‘Married’, ‘Widowed’, ‘Single’
    , ‘Divorced’, ‘Separated’.
  • Relationship to Sponsor: Write appropriately
    such as ‘Father’, ‘Mother’,
    ‘Mother-in-law’, ‘Sister’
  • Present Address: Write the current residence address of the applicant.
  • Name of spouse and children applying together and accompanying the applicant.
    Note : Just one I-134 forms is required
    for one family ( example , Parents ( Father
    and Mother) or (Father in
    Law and Mother in law).
Question 4
  • Type of business: Your Occupation title Example : Software Engg , with Company Name.
    ( If self employer provide
    the nature of business and name
    of business firm.
  • Address of the Company.
  • Your Net yearly income( salary)
  • Your Bank Balance $ amount ( It can
    be checking account + Saving account,
    or any of these).
  • Personal Property $ amount ( Approximate
    value of your Car/House/other valuables
    no need to be very accurate)
    Example if you have a Car of fair market
    value of 10,000$ you can put 10,000$.
  • Rest of the question in this section are pretty obvious so fill them appropriately.

Note :

  • For bank there is no specific number
    to qualify min of 5,000$ is considered
    to be OK.
  • Any other item what you fill here like
    stock value etc , you should provide a
    copy or a statement as a proof.
Question 5 Names of dependents of your
immediate family ( Spouse and Child). If your
spouse is not working, you should check ‘Wholly
Dependent’. If your spouse is
working, you should check
‘Partially Dependent’.
Question 6 If you have submitted affidavit of support Form
(I-134) for anyone before,
write the names and dates
If submitted more then 2 just provide the latest last 2.

Provide the approximate date if you don’t remember the exact date.

Question 7 This question is only for US Citizen who
filed family based immigrant sponsorships(
Green Card) form I130.

For a non-immigrant visa holder ( like
H1, L1 etc) or GC holder this question is
logically not applicable so write
None or N/A.

Question 8 You should check the box ‘I intend’.
You should also write ‘I will take care of
all the expenses including travel, lodging,
boarding, food, medicare and all other expenses
during their stay with me in USA.
Sign and Date


  • Take a photocopy for your record.
  • Must provide accurate and correct information.
  • Must fill it up cleanly.
  • Make sure that the its not too old when you send it to the
    applicant, usually more then 2 months old’s are not considered by
  • If you have questions or confusion, ask in our discussion forum.

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