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 A person from Vietnam intending to
travel to Australia must first of all select a visa subclass which is
proper for the purpose of travelling to Australia. For, this purpose the
person needs to fill the relevant visa application form which he or she
can avail from the website One can also avail the visa application form from the Australian visa application centre.

For the processing of visa application,
there are some documents which are to be submitted. Visa application fee
has to be paid in Vietnam currency. Credit card can also be used for
fee payment. All documents which are not in English must have translated
documents attached in support. The application should be submitted at
Australian visa application centre or at Vietnam consulate australia
visa can be attained.
To apply for an Australia visa from
Vietnam the wiling person can contact Vietnam consulate Australia visa
at following addresses:
Also, a person from Vietnam willing to
travel to Australia can contact the Vietnam consulate in Australia at
following addresses:
All the relevant information regarding
Australia visa can be gathered from the Vietnam embassy and from Vietnam
consulate australia visa or from the above mentioned sites and
addresses. The Australian embassy in Vietnam has the following website:
Now, the type of visas and visa
subclasses the can be applied from Vietnam to Australia are permanent
entry visas under which there come categories like partner visa,
prospective marriage visa, child visa And the other type of Australia
visa from Vietnam are skilled visa, business innovation visa, investment
visa, distinguished talent (subclass 124) and former resident visa
(subclass 151). Besides these, there are parent visa subclasses which
are lodged and processed in Australia.
Another type of Australia visas for
Vietnam is refuge and humanitarian visas. These types of visas are
granted to Vietnam civilians on humanitarian grounds. To add to the list
of applicable forms of visas from Vietnam there are temporary entry
visas. As far as student and temporary are concerned they are processed
in Australia.
A person can also apply for 400
temporary work (short stay activity) visa and 401 temporary work (long
stay activity) visa which is processed in Australia. Another type of
visas applicable from Vietnam for Australia is training and research
visa (subclass 402 and temporary work (skilled) via (subclass 457).
Thus, a person willing to visit
Australia from Vietnam can apply for visa and can collect the relevant
information from Vietnam consulate Australia visa and Vietnam embassy in