There are people who are interested to
travel foreign destinations and work there. For such people a different
set of visas are available. For this purpose the government of
Australia allots an Australia visa working visa to people who want to
travel to Australia and work over there, till their stay. Such type of
an Australian working visa is issued to people on certain terms and
Australia is a large country with mind
blowing locations, which attract people from all over the world. Also,
it has huge abundance of natural resources which can be exploited for
the up liftment and betterment. Australia is currently facing huge
dearth of skilled man power. For this reason skilled workers from all
across the globe are invited to cope with this shortage. Therefore the
government of Australia through its immigration center offers Australia
working visa to people to stay and work in Australia. to know more
Some of the types of Australia visa
working are: temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457), work and
holiday visa (subclass 462) and working holiday visa (subclass 417). As
far as, the Australia working visa temporary work (skilled) visa is
concerned, this visa is valid for a term of 4 years. A person can travel
to Australia and stay there for 4 years. During these 4 years the
visiting person is eligible to work. This type of visa is granted to
person under the skill category he or she belongs to. 
The person after
being analyzed for the skill he is familiar with is placed with an
employer or an organization, where those skills are required. Another
type of Australia visa working is work and holiday visa (subclass 462).
This type of visa is applicable to people who are in the age group of
18-30 years. Under this category the person willing to obtain should
have no criminal cases and no charges should be pending against them in
the court of law. 
The person, under this category can stay in Australia
for 12 months and during his stay is eligible to work. Working holiday
visa (subclass 417) is another form of Australia working visa under
which a person willing to travel to Australia can stay for 12 months and
during his stay in Australia can work with two different employers.
However, the stay period can be extended using the same visa. Thus, an
Australia visa working provides a great facility to people who want to
work in Australia during their stay for a limited period of time.