How to fill in Australia visiting visa form

As far as Australia visiting visa form is concerned, it is available on the website
If a person is outside Australia and is applying for a visitor visa to
visit family members and a family member is ready to give sponsorship to
him/her then the person willing to travel to Australia is eligible for a
visitor visa and thus can fill the Australia visiting visa form.
A person willing to travel to Australia
needs to complete and sign this form and send it back to sponsor with
all relevant documents. The sponsor needs to lodge this form in
Australia. Another method to fill in Australia visiting visa form is to
submit an application for sponsorship, if the person does not have an
eligible family member who can sponsor him/her for the visitor visa.
This method is also applicable if the person wants a visitor visa with
multiple entry. The person should use form 1419 and for the application for visitor visa as a tourist.
Somebody who intends to visit Australia for medical treatment should use the form 48ME.
Someone, who wants to visit as a student should fill the relevant
application form. Also, for a person intending to visit Australia for a
short business trip should use the form 1415.
The visitor visa has a validity period
of 3 months in Australia, however a visa validity period of 12 months
can be granted. The visa validity period is determined on case to case
Visa conditions for visitor visa:
Visa condition 8101:
  • A person must not work in Australia.
Visa condition 8201
  • A person must not study for more than 3 months while in Australia.
Visa condition 8531
  • A person must not stay in Australia after his/her visa expires.
A person must have an eligible sponsor
who can guarantee his/her stay and lawful departure. A sponsor can be a
person who is a resident of Australia and he/she can be a relative, a
member of Australian parliament or a local government mayor.
If a person and other members of his
family are applying for visitor visas with the same sponsor, the sponsor
must lodge all application forms and the sponsorship form 1149 at
the same time. All visitor visa applications must be lodged in
Australia. Few types of visitor visa that can be applied are sponsored
family visitor (subclass 679) visa and a sponsored family stream
(subclass 600) visa. As far as visa application fee is concerned, it can
be paid by credit card, Australian post money or a bank cheque made
payable to department of immigration and border protection.
Thus, Australia visiting visa form can
be filled, keeping in mind various terms and conditions and the process
for the form filling.