Malaysia Visa Application Form and Guideline

Attached are the documents required for Malaysia Visa Application including:
  1. Malaysia Visa Application Guideline 
    • with instructions (list of countries required visa and procedures)
  2. Malaysia Visa Application Form
    • We had attached an example of a completed form, just follow the example while filling up the form. Please be reminded that, signature must be signed by hand and not computer-generated.
  3. Official Invitation Letter 
    • from
      the organizing committee (as support document for visa application. You
      may add-in your name at the left top corner of the letter in the PDF
It usually take 2 weeks for the approval of the application if the
application form are filled completely and all documents needed are
provided. However, we STRONGLY ADVISED delegates to apply the visa AT LEAST 1 MONTH before coming to Malaysia to avoid unforeseen situation.

Click to download complete Malaysia Visa Application Guidelines and Form: