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South Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia. Its capital city is
Seoul, which has the 5th largest economy in the world. The South Koreans
speak the Korean language, but English is also widely spoken by many
immigrants. South Korea is a technologically advanced country, and
usually, has lots of business visitors.

South Korea Visa Types

South Korea visas could be single entry, double entry or multiple
entry visas. The single entry and double entry visas are valid for 90
days from the day of issuance, and the multiple entry visas are valid
for about a year.
Travellers with a single entry visa can only use their visa once at the
point of entry. If they leave South Korea before their visa expiration,
they would need to reapply.
The double entry visas allow a traveller two entries into South Korea,
Multiple entry visas allow travellers to leave and return to South Korea any time they wish to.
These South Korean visa categories have other sub categories which include:

South Korea Visitor Visa

This visa is for persons intending to travel to South Korea for tourism, holidays, or to visit family members in South Korea.

South Korea Transit Visa

The South Korea Transit visa is given to persons who are intending to
travel to South Korea to another country. The visa is valid for 3 days.

South Korea Student Visa

The student visa is for available for persons who want to school in
South Korea. These individuals must have been offered provisional
admission at the time when the South Korea student visa application
process is commenced.

South Korea Working Visa

The employment visa is for persons interested in working in South
Korea. There are several kinds of work visas for both permanent and
temporary employments. This visa is issued based on applicant’s
vocational qualification or a concrete offer of a contract of

South Korea Business Visa

Business visas short term visas. They are issued to persons who have
business meetings, conferences or professional conventions to attend in
South Korea. The valid is usually valid for at most 90 days.
Seoul City South Korea

South Korea Visa Requirements

For the various types of South Korean visas, there are certain
requirements that must be met. However, there are certain requirements
that apply to almost all the types of visas. Every visa applicant needs
to get a valid Nigerian passport if they don’t already have or renew the
passport if it has expired.
The documents needed for a South Korean visa application include:

  1. A valid Nigerian passport
  2. A properly filled and signed South Korea visa application form.
  3. One Passport-photograph of the applicant.
  4. Visa Processing fees.
  5. A prepaid envelope by any major courier service to return passport and original documents.
  6. Travel health insurance

Depending on the visa type, other supporting documents could include:

  1. An invitation letter from a South Korea sponsor
  2. A letter from applicant’s South Korea employer
  3. Leave letter from applicant’s Nigerian employer.
  4. A proof of provisional admission, issued by the South Korea academic institution
  5. Proof of accommodation in South Korea
  6. Bank statement for the past 3 months

South Korea Visa Application

Once you are sure that you need a South Korea visa, and you have
gotten an international passport, as well as the other supporting
documents, there are a few other things that you need to do. A lot of
applicants get some steps wrong and get denied a visa to South Korea.
For short term visas, applicants can apply online, following the steps
that are stated below. Long term visa (National visa) applicants need to
call the Embassy to schedule personal interviews before they can start
any application process.
The steps to apply for a South Korean visa are as follows.

Steps to Apply for a South Korea Visa

  1. It is advised that you be very clear on your ‘purpose of travel’
  2. Download and fill the visa application form
  3. Affix your passport photograph
  4. Visit the South Korean application center to submit your application
    form and the other supporting documents at the Visa application center.
  5. Pay the visa application fee at the Visa application center.
  6. Provide your biometric information
  7. Track the application online

Where to Get a South Korea Visa Application Form

The normal South Korea visa application forms can be downloaded from
the embassy website and filled manually, and the e-visa form should be
filled and submitted online.

How and Where to Pay South Korea Visa Fees

South Korea visa fees can be paid at the Visa application center with cash or via debit cards.
It is important to note that the visa processing fee is non-refundable.

Where to Submit South Korea Application

Once all the visa application documents have been gathered, the
applicant should submit in person at the Visa Application centre.

South Korea Visa Processing Time

The South Korea visa processing time is usually a minimum of 10 (ten) working days.

Where to Collect South Korea Visa upon Approval

If your South Korean visa application is approved, you can collect
your passport from the Visa Application Centre or use the option of
courier delivery. If an applicant intends to use courier service, the
VAC should be notified duly.

Address and Location of South Korea Embassy in Nigeria

South Korea Consulate Nigeria, Lagos
38, Lobito Cobito Crescent
Crescent, Wuse,
Abuja, Nigeria

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