Australia ETA processing time  

Life can be boring and needless to say, it can be monotonous as well. But thanks to easy Australia online visa application
and fast processing time, we can now travel to Australia to have the
best time of our life. Not only for the traveling purpose, but those who
would rather postpone their business meetings in Sydney or Melbourne
than standing in the long queues can now take a sigh of relief.

Whether your schedule allows you to stay there only for 72 hours or
for couple of months, you must hold valid Australian visa. Not only
tourists or professionals, but students also come to kangaroo land to
pursue higher studies or professional courses. There are temporary visas
and permit which allow students to study for a definite span of time at
a recognized educational institute in Australia.

There are mainly three kinds of visas for which a person can apply
for online if he or she seeks to visit Australia for business activities
or for tourism. These are:

  1. Electronic Travel Authority (subclass601)
  2. e-Visitor (subclass 651)
  3. Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

Tourism encompasses holidays and visiting friends, family and
recreation. Business visits include, coming to attend a conference or
some kind of negotiation etc. People who come for any kind of medical
treatment have to apply for Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602). For
transit you need to have Transit visa (subclass 771). Any person who
seeks to apply for Australia visa online should hold a valid passport.
For visa extension, application can be submitted online.

After submitting the Australia visa application form online, the visa process will begin. But the processing times are dependent on a number of different factors including:

  • Whether you have provided all necessary supporting documents when you lodge an application
  • How well and how promptly you respond to requests for additional information
  • How long it takes to complete any required checks on information you have provided to support your application
  • How long it takes to receive additional information from areas
    outside the department – particularly in relation to health, character
    and national security.
  • How many places are available in the Migration Program?
  • A decision to grant or refuse your visa application may be made
    based on the information and documentation that you provide at the time
    of lodgments.

  • It is strongly recommended you apply well in advance of your
    intended travel date and that you do not make any travel arrangements
    until you have been granted your visa.

The email address that you will provide in your visa application, the
Visa Processing Office will communicate with you through that email
address. Therefore it is important to check your junk folder regularly
to ensure that emails from the Visa Processing Office have not
accidently been sent to junk.

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