No matter where, when and in which part of the world we are
holidaying, shopaholics like me tend to explore and browse the streets
of the city. Sometimes you get amazing stuff to buy and take back for
the pupils waiting for you back home and sometimes you might end up
finding nothing. But when you are holidaying in Australia, the country
is one of the most exotic places when it comes to shopping, of course
after Paris and London.

From handicrafts to hot-shit international brands, Australia offers a
wide range of products that will surely amaze you. With so much to
offer to its tourists, one can have an absolutely exhilarating shopping
experience in the country. If you are ready with your online Australia ETA then we are ready with the list of happening places where you can shop till you drop:

Queen Victoria Building– Located in Sydney, you must
have come across this popular George Street in the city. This
magnificent architecture dating back to 19th century was
restored with 4 extensive floors. Spread across the street, this
magnificent structure is hard to give a miss. Home to now more than 180
stores, you can find everything here. From fashion garments to designer
wear, cafes to restaurants, it is one of the best places in Australia
for shopping.
         Location: 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Australia VisaQueen Victoria Building  

The Rocks– Located in the close proximity of Sydney
Harbour Bridge, The Rock area is an open air market which is dotted with
various street food outlets and numerous shops. This bustling
marketplace can offer the best street shopping experience as it offers
plenty of stuff to choose from.
Location: Sydney Central Business District

Australia Tourist Visa OnlineOpen air market  

Emporium- If you are in Melbourne, a visit to the
most luxurious shopping mall is a must. Emporium in Melbourne is located
close to the Lonsdale and Swanston streets in Australia. For those
looking for elite brands and accessories will surely find it the most
amazing location. You can expect state-of-the-art products and designs
here. If you have received your online Australia ETA, make sure to visit Emporium.
Location: 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC

Online Australia VisaThe most luxurious shopping mall  
 Chadstone Shopping Center- Situated
in the southeastern area of Melbourne, Chadstone shopping         
center    is one of the biggest places for shopping in Australia. You
can grad some really huge discounts with your tourism shopping passport
as well.
Location: 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VI
Australia visa
Wintergarden- A famous
shopping place which is located in Brisbane is known for its iconic
structure. Housing 60 elaborate stores that also include boutiques from
designers and upcoming boutiques as well as cosmetic brands; the place
is one stop destination for all.
Location: 171-209 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD
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