you might have already known, Maldives is one of the best tourist
destinations counted upon the entire world. It has won commendable
titles such as, “The sunny side of life” and “Paradise on Earth.”. Since
this is so, Maldives has developed in an enthralling rate in the field
of tourism. The industry of tourism has opened innumerable job
opportunities for the young generation of Maldives. Nevertheless, it is a
prime issue that only a minority of people are wholly aware how this
excellent industry paved its way to the level it is now. This History of
tourism in Maldives  however, is not at all a mystery. Hence, it is
vital to make a short emphasis of this History of tourism in Maldives.

Travel aficionado

Italian traveler George Corbin was the first to make his way to the
South Asian Countries. He visited countries such as India and Sri Lanka
as well. He found Maldives has a breathtaking collection of islands and
he saw a potential in this archipelago that would one day make it a
perfect traveling destination. The history of tourism in Maldives first
points at this travel enthusiast. He met Kerafa Naseem in the Maldivian
High commission and was highly impressed by the information about
Maldives. Hence, the possibilities of bringing guests to Maldives were
rationally discussed. An Italian photographer who was known by the name
Frenchesco Benini also accompanied Corbin throughout his journey. They
realized that Maldives could be a tourist heaven and that its beauty is
yet to be developed. They photographed the Maldivian islands and wrote
texts about this wonderful paradise. As soon as they left Maldives,
Corbin began writing articles about Maldives

Tourists in Maldives- The first batch

definitely saw that Maldives has the potential to be an excellent
destination for tourists and began making preparations to allow the
first group of tourists to set their feet in white gold sandy beaches of
Maldives. This was the second stage of the history of tourism in
Maldives. Although Corbin was highly determined to send in tourists to
Maldives, the issue of not having a suitable place to stay in the
beautiful isles of Maldives and the fact that there was no fine facility
of flying to Maldives still bombarded in his mind. Nevertheless, his
flair and courage along with the support of the Maldivian companions
alleviated these obstacles and moved on to bring the first batch of
tourists in Maldives. They arrived to Hulhule’ and were taken to Male’
by Mr.Hussein Afeef. During the 12 days stay in Male’, they enjoyed
fishing or snorkeling and were even spellbound by the beauty of the
Maldivian islands!!

Spear fishing- Main sport!

fishing turned out to be one of the best enjoyed sport by the tourist
group who traveled to Maldives in the year 1972. Maldives is also
identified as one of the best places for spear fishing according to the
articles published by Corbin and the tourist group who visited Maldives.
The excitement of spear fishing seems to have created substantial
memories inside the first batch of tourists and inevitably the interest
to visit to this isolated paradise aroused!! This is the third point in
the history of tourism in Maldives.

First travel agencies.

to the history of tourism in Maldives, the first travel agency
initiated is the Muman agency which also worked in the innovation of
Kurumba resort in Vihamanaafushi. This resort, after being established
began the provision of services. Soon after the year 1972, the second
travel agency known as the Cresent Tourist Agency was initiated. It is
also stated that one of the shareholders of this agency turned out to be
one of the former Maldivian presidents, Honourable Mr.Ibraahim
Naasir(late). This agency had a share of the construction of the other
Maldivian resort, Bandos Island Resort. In addition to that, this agency
had share in the building of other numerous resorts. It also leased an
island in Maldives to a foreign realm to build a resort there.

Beginning- Vihamanaafushi

it may be worth wondering why Vihamanaafushi was opted over the other
Maldivian resorts. It is a fact that Corbin and his companions visited
the other Maldivian islands, namely an island called Meerufushi.
Nevertheless, its distance to the airport was extremely big and hence,
it would obviously not be viable to begin a resort in such an island as
of then. Hence, Vihamanaafushi was suggested. Other than the fact that
Vihamanaafushi is closer to the airport, it is an excellent island
gifted with beaches full of white gold sandy banks and lush green
tropical vegetation. According to the entrepreneurs of that time,
Vihamanaafushi was opted.

The second journey

Bandos Island
Resort turned out to be the second resort built in Maldives. The
development of this resort was first with 32 rooms with 10 room blocks.
Bandos Island Resort however reached its point of super development by
the year 1972. It came around with 220 rooms and dive schools and a
modern conference hall. All the modern amenities available in one point.
This pumped up a boast in the tourism industry of Maldives and is the
last of the chapter of the history of tourism in Maldives.


today Bandos Island Resort is one of the best of the Maldivian resorts
and it continues to enthrall us with its extreme splendor. Nevertheless,
now… let us leap to the current state of tourism in Maldives. Tourism
has spread far across Maldives and you would find one person working in
this industry in every family. Hundreds of resorts flourished over time
and hundreds of hotels and
liveaboards make Maldives one in a million tourist destination. It is
true what Corbin saw in Maldives was a real gem and he was the one who
made it glitter forever!!