A vast country like Australia attracts millions of people every year.
Some come for the business purpose while some visit the country only to
explore the exotic beaches and places that it has to offer. Many people
who fill Australia visa application form basically
want to see, experience and sink into its magnificent views and diverse
culture. From Queensland to Western Australia, Tasmania to the Northern
Territory, you can always come face to face with panoramic views that
are always on display.
Although this is only a slice of what this country actually has to
offer, our list comprises one of the few places which are unarguably the
most 10 beautiful views in Australia:

  1. DEVILS MARBLES– Located in Karlu Karlu/ Devil
    Marbles Conservation Reserve, these large granite boulders are gravity
    defying rock formations that are shaped by weather and erosion.
    Mysteriously balanced on top of each other, some of them are even been
    slip into two halves by natural forces. The site has a cultural and
    spiritual significance to the aboriginal owners of the land which makes
    it even more special.Australia e visa
    experienced from a birds eye, if you have the nerve to climb 143metres
    above the sea level to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, you can
    experience the gorgeous view of the Sydney Harbour & Circular Quay.
    Climbing may be hard, but the stunning view that you get as reward is
    worth it. This is why you must fill Australia visa application form in time to get visa approval.Get Australia visa online
  3. SUNSET AT MINDIL BEACH, DARWIN– As the sun dips at
    the Arafura Sea to take a nap, one can watch one of the most spectacular
    sunsets at the Darwin`s Mindil Beach. The sky turns all the more
    alluring as the striking hues of orange, blue, pink and purple paint the
    sky every night along with palm trees swaying in the breeze. You can
    enjoy crazy festive nightlife from April to October under the gorgeous
    view of the night.Australia Online visa
    formations that are called The Pinnacles are eerily beautiful and
    located in Western Australia`s Nambung National Park. They are said to
    be formed from the sea shells which were broken down into limestone sand
    which blew inland forming the dunes that showcases a majestic scene
    today.Australia visa online application
  5. ULURU AT SUNRISE, AYER`S ROCK– Sunrise when
    experienced from an exponential place can be really majestic. But it can
    prove to be magical if you be present to witness as the first ray of
    sun hits the big red rock as the dawn breaks. Uluru holds a great
    spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people of the area and it`s
    well worth to visit this place to see the psychedelic color changing of
    this gigantic rock over the course of the day.Online visa for Australia

These 5 places in Australia can surely provide you breath-taking
views along with lots of mystic stories surrounding them. Do visit them
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