The heartbeat of Western Nigeria, Lagos remains one of the most
iconic cities in Africa. A perfect mix of Nigerian culture and urban
civilization. Talk of the Lagos party – the city offers real Nigerian
energy, colour and pure magic.

Lagos is for
the adventurous at heart, the fun lover, a perfect escape destination
for all and sundry. A city divided by cultures, yet bonded by the spirit
of hustle. A city that never sleeps.
Shopping in the city can be as busy as the city itself. However, if
you know your way through the nooks and cranny across the land, getting
exciting things to shop for is just one glance through this piece.

Shopping for Art

to shop for in Lagos
Source: Sassy Funke

Shopping for arts might look like is far fetched and only reserved
for the super-rich. Let me blow your mind a bit, there is a lot of
beautiful cheap art in the market for those looking to buy one just get
ready to bargain. And guess the best place to buy art in Nigeria? Lagos
is your best bet.
The Lekki art market, located on Oba Elegushi Street, Off Lekki-Epe
expressway (between 4th and 5th roundabout), should be your first stop. A
gem for Nigerian art and yeah the price of art is way cheaper than you
can imagine. Looking for some more sophisticated art expression – The
Nike art gallery and TerraKulture should be your next stop. Onikan under
the bridge, Freedom Park and the Fela Shrine should definitely be on
your list too.
Shopping for Clothes

Gbanjo!! Buy one get one free!! Check here na wholesale price oh!!
Get familiar with these parlances when you get into the clothing market
sections of the popular Idumota/Balogun market or Yaba market. Prices
are outrageously cheap if you are ready to go all out at sellers and
bargain like a typical Lagosian slashing the price of every item stated
to you by half.

Lagos, they say is the land of opportunities – so looking for the
opportunity to change your wardrobe with quality yet affordable articles
of clothing, Idumota, Balogun, Yaba markets should be your next
shopping plug.
Shopping for food items

to shop for in Lagos

You can enjoy lots of local Nigerian foods that won’t dig holes in
your pockets when you hit the local markets for ingredients and other
An essential commodity in the most populous city in Africa, one would
be missing out without visiting top food markets such as Mile 12, Ketu
and Otto.
Shopping for Electronics and Mobile Gadgets

to shop for in Lagos

Not your regular glossy shopping centres for electronics and mobile
gadgets but home to quality, affordable at bargain price appliances are
Alaba International market, Idumota and Computer village, Ikeja

A great tip
when in these markets is to do a lot of window shopping, avoid buying
from the first shop you visit and bargain as much as possible before
making a decision.
Shopping for drinks

to shop for in Lagos

Your guess is as good as mine – the Lagos party is never complete
without drinks. From traditional African drinks to exotic foreign
drinks, Under Bridge Apongbon, Trade fair and the nearest mall to you is
the best bet in this city.