About us

Tobex Travels is a licensed travel and tour agency and Education consulting company located in Akure(Ondo State), Ibadan(Oyo State), and Lagos Nigeria with head office base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We offer a variety of travel packages for companies, individuals, and
groups, including:

  • Corporate, Business, & Group Travel
  • Pacific & Atlantic Ocean Cruises
  • Caribbean & Mediterranean Sea Cruises
  • All-Inclusive Resort Stays
  • Safari Packages in Africa & Asia
  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
  • European Vacations to Italy, France, and Germany
  • Latin American Vacations to Mexico, Cuba, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Study Visa Packages with sure links to Malaysia, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Russia and
  • Philippines.
  • Package tours etc.

Our agents have been recognized  among the most talented in the
travel industry, and excel in creating one-of-a-kind Travel and
Tourism  Services that offer truly breathtaking experiences at an
affordable cost.


  • To exhibit at all times a thorough understanding of the various air express service
  • To establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship between our esteemed clients, Local and International trading partners.
  • To relentlessly work towards a strict adherence to professional ethics and institutional regulations.
  • To initiate, develop and maintains a delightful corporate culture of excellence in all  Tour and Air express matters.
  • To give pain staking attention to fast and efficient delivery services.

Tobex Travels is supported by a board of director made
up of very pragmatic foresighted dynamic and statue investors
who are not only excelled in their various field of endeavor but
also blaze the  trail in so many sphere of life. Our directors are
high net –worth individual who are ready to support the company
in the attainment of its medium and long term objectives.

This corporate vision  is further strengthen by an assemblages of a
board of directors ever ready to have their input towards their
company’s growth an efficient management team adequate
working capital a rare breed of  tested technical hands and a
personal not  deterred by difficulties of any kind. They remain the
fulcrums of various strategic making efforts. The management
team enjoys tremendous encouragement and support from the
board at all times to ensure and nurture a conducive working
environment for staff development.


Absolute respect for the host countries and unwavering
dedication have enabled us to grow professionally together with
our partners, so that oftentimes we are perceived by the latter
as the best choice on account of the utmost degree of reliability
that we can ensure. It is the same dependability that is
appreciated day after day by the people who travel with us and
can count on the constant and discreet assistance of an Italian
staff, always mindful of the needs of our guests and at the same
time qualified supervisors of the quality of the services offered.


You can remain continuously in contact with Tobex Travels, be informed of new proposals, receive advice and valuable tips from its experts.
info@tobextravels.com This is the e-mail that enables you to communicate as quickly as possible with the world of  Tobex Travels, to learn about new proposals, promotional initiatives, up-to-the-minute price lists. A rich source of descriptions, images, in-depth news, the best way to find the right answer to any question you may have.