Coronavirus: UAE visa suspension begins today

The only exceptions are diplomatic passport holders and those eligible for visa on arrival. Effective today, the UAE has suspended all visas to foreigners. The only exceptions are diplomatic passport holders and those eligible for visa on arrival. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs clarified the rule in a recorded message on their […]

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Eight national parks offer lunchbox service

This lunch set is available for advance purchase by visitors to Sobaeksan Mountain National Park in Chungcheongbuk-do Original article by Park Gil-ja and Kim Minji Since cooking at Korean national parks is banned because flammable materials are prohibited there, visitors can instead pre-order lunchboxes made with the culinary specialties of a region and pick them up […]

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Five Exciting things to Shop for in Lagos, Nigeria

The heartbeat of Western Nigeria, Lagos remains one of the most iconic cities in Africa. A perfect mix of Nigerian culture and urban civilization. Talk of the Lagos party – the city offers real Nigerian energy, colour and pure magic. Lagos is for the adventurous at heart, the fun lover, a perfect escape destination for […]

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Things To Know Before Travelling To Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the attractive countries and attracts many tourists in the world. Honestly, Vietnam is really peaceful and Vietnamese is bitterly friendly and gracious, but sometimes and somewhere you will be in danger, especially when traveling to Vietnam alone. To make the trip complete and fun, when you visit Vietnam you need to […]

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The Korean Clothing Style {Hanbok}

A young couple dressed in hanbok Since their settlement in prehistoric times on the land now known as the Korean Peninsula, the Korean people have developed a wealth of unique cultural traditions related to the way they dress, eat, and behave at home. These traditions reflect the natural environment of their homeland, a terrain predominately […]

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